Responsible gaming

Many Internet users are gamblers. For the vast majority of them, this remains an entertainment, nothing more. However, some people might develop a compulsive behavior. In the same way, underaged people can get access to gambling games online, without many difficulties. While creating a vast gaming area on Casino Solera, we insisted for it to be responsible, for all our members.

Qualified professionals

One of the main concern for anyone within our staff is called fair gaming. Accordingly, all our collaborators have been trained to detect any compulsive behavior and to adopt a quick reaction to it, to help our members suffering from game addiction. In this case, we propose various options:
- auto-exclusion from the site,
- links to specialized firms that provide help and support,
- in-house tools and management systems to protect compulsive players.

Protection of minors

According to the legislation, a person who is 18 or less is not allowed to subscribe and play on Casino Solera. We took concrete measures to apply this law on our casino site. However, it can happen that someone bypass these protections to play our games. If you are concerned that a minor has access to your computer and can use it to use Casino Solera, you have several options:
- watch out for under aged people around you when you are connecting on the site yourself.
- restrict access to gambling sites using a software such as Cyperpatrol for example. - don’t communicate any of your login details.
- do not use the your browser to automatically save your passwords.
- create several user profiles, one for each user of your machine, so only you have access to sensitive informations.

If you are aware of someone under the accepted age using Casino Solera, please inform our support team. Bear in mind we will not refund/allow withdrawals to someone under the age of 18.

Some rules to follow

If most of the players bet according to their means, a few of them cannot control themselves and adopt a compulsive behavior. To prevent this, here are some advice we can give you:
- Keep constantly in mind that gambling is first and foremost an entertainment.
- Always consider your losses as the cost of such entertainment, and winnings as simple bonuses.
- Before playing, set yourself a maximum playing time, after which you will stop placing bets.
- Also, set yourself a spending limit, or an amount you are happy to play with.
- Be conscious that probabilities are against you at all time, as there are more chances to lose than to win.
- Learn more about compulsive symptoms and how to prevent them.
- Don’t ever go into debts just so you can gamble even more.
- Playing shouldn’t be considered as a way to escape day to day life.
- Keep a healthy life still (applied to family, social and professional life)
- Do not systematically try to recover your loss. Be conscious that your losses are part of the game and trying to recover them at all cost can make you lose even more money.

Keep your self-control

Ask yourself frequently about your motivations to play. For this, ask yourself the questions below:
- Does your interest for gambling interfere with your work, social life or relations with your family and/or friends?
- Do you systematically try to cover your loss when you play?
- Do you sometimes play under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
- Does gambling represent for you a kind of getaway plan for day-to-day troubles?
The more you answer positively to the questions above, the more you risk to develop an addiction problem. To prevent such behavior, get in touch with a specialized organization to seek some help, such as Gamble Aware, Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Therapy or Gamcare.

Rest period

If you want to stop playing for a while, you can inform our customer team. Ask for a temporary closure of your account. You will define the period where your account will be frozen, between 7 days and 6 months, as you see fit. During this time, you will not be able to log on your account. When you decide to put your account on hold, a confirmation email will be sent to you within the 24-48 hours. This email informs you again on your decision, mentioning the dates of the rest period and the process to re-open your account. In the case you do not receive any email from us, please contact our support team with the shortest delays.

For more information about gambling addiction or to speak about related problems, feel free to contact our customer team too.