Sometimes games are not loading properly, and the game stutters or gets blocked. Our games are based on the Adobe Flash technology, and the graphics and sounds are processed by your own computer.
There are several reasons for bad game behavior.
Indeed, it can be caused by:
- a slowdown or network failure from your Internet provider to reach our servers. In this case, you have to wait for your broadband to come back up to be able to play again.
- a faulty process on Windows file system. If, during a game session, games appear as frozen but your computer is still operating normally you can try to close your internet browser and/or rebooting your computer. Then, log back on our site to access your player account.
- an update for the Flash plugin installed on your machine is needed.
You can download the latest version of Flash for free following this link: http://get.adobe.com/fr/flashplayer/.
- an update for your internet browser has to be installed.
We recommend to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your main web browser. They are both fast and reliable.
You can download for free either one of these browsers by clicking on one of the links below:
I didn’t receive my confirmation email, what should I do?
If you did not receive an email from us after your registration, it may be because the email we sent you has landed on your junk box (spam). To make sure you can receive our emails correctly, please add support@casino-solera.com to your trusted contacts (in your address book / contact list). To do so, follow thissimple steps:
Hotmail / MSN / WINDOWS LIVEtm Mail
1. Open your inbox.
2. Click on "Options" on the right hand side of the screen.
3. Click on "Other options".
4. Choose "Authorised and blocked senders".
5. Select "Authorised contacts".
6. Type in support@casino-solera.com
7. Click the button "Add to the list".

1. Connect to your Yahoo! Mail account
2. Click on "Contacts".
3. Then click "Add a contact".
4. In the "Mail" field, type in support@casino-solera.com.
5. Click the "Save" button.

AOL 1. Open your inbox.
2. Click on your "Address book" on the left hand side of the screen.
3. Click on "Create" then "Contact".
4. A new pop up windows should appear.
5. In the "Email address field", type in support@casino-solera.com.
6. Click the "Save" button.

1. Open your inbox.
2. Click on "Contacts" on the left menu.
3. Click the "new contact" button.
4. In the "Email" field, insert support@casino-solera.com.
5. Click the "Save" button.
Some pages (such as banks) do not render correctly on my screen. What can I do?
To ensure the perfect rendering of our games on your screen, make sure your screen resolution is not set to low.
Here is how to check your screen settings on Windows XP:
1. Click the "Start" menu (Windows launchbar)
2. Click on "Settings".
3. Then go to "Control panels".
4. Double click on the " Display" tab (screen).
5. When the new window appears, click on the "settings" tab.
6. You will see your "Screen resolution" at the bottom of this window.
7. Make sure your screen resolution is at least set up on 800 x 600 pixels. If your screen allows, it is best to set your screen resolution at 1280 x 720 or above. The higher resolution you set, the more elements your will be able to see on the screen.

You can experience issues when sending data on our site if you are connecting through a Proxy. If this is the case, contact your network administrator.
Please also check your cookies. The highest level of security will restrict your from playing on Casino Solera.

How to check and change the cookie seetings (Internet Explorer 6.x):
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Select "Internet Options" in the "Tools" menu.
3. Click on the "Privacy" tab and define any value other than "Block all cookies".
4. Press "OK".

FireFox setup:
1. Open FireFox.
2. Click on "Tools" then "Options".
3. Click on the "Privacy" tab.
4. Ensure "Accept cookies" is ticked.
5. Then press "OK".
What are the minimum requirements to play on Casino Solera?
The only thing you need to play on the site is to have Flash Player 9 (or above) installed on your computer. You can download the latest version here.
To take full benefits of Casino Solera we recommend to use Firefox or Internet Explorer (version 6 or above). You might have issues if you are using Internet 5.5 and below. Speakers are also strongly advised to enjoy all the musics and game effects.
Caution: You can experience difficulties to play our games if you are using our site with Netscape Communicator or if you own an Apple computer.
I forgot my password. What can I do?
If you forgot your account password, you can click the "Forgot password" link next to the login area on the site or you can contact us directly.
How to credit my account ?
You will be able to credit your account only once it is activated on Casino Solera.
Log on to your account on Casino Solera
1. Click on "Bank"
2. Then click on "Purchase credits"
3. Select your preferred payment method
4. Once you have chosen, follow the on-screen instructions
If your transaction is accepted, you will receive a confirmation by email from us and the credits will be added in REAL TIME depending on the payment method you selected.
How can I make a withdrawal?
You will be able to withdraw from your account only if you have already made a confirmed deposit. If you are using an e-wallet service, you have accepted during the past six months at least one equivalent transaction (conditions flexible depending on the account’s activity).
Log on to your account on Casino Solera
1. Click on "Bank"
2. Then click on "Withdrawal"
3. Select your preferred payment method
4. Once you have chosen, follow the on-screen instructions
There is a 2 days validation period for all withdrawals (depending on your VIP status on the site). The first time you withdraw money, you have to provide us the following informations:
1. Photocopy of your credit card - both sides. If you are using a debit or credit card, you should hide the last 3 digit code on the back when sending out your bank details.
2. Photocopy of any proof of identity (passport, driving license our ID card)
3. A proof of address (a current bill such as gas, electricity or water is accepted if it is not older then 3 months)
4. Purchasing form (we will pass on this form to you)
Can I cancel a withdrawal ?
When you withdraw money from your account, you have up to 2 days to cancel it. If you want to do so, follow these steps:
1. Connect to your account
2. Click on "Bank"
3. Click on "Purchase credits"
4. The pending withdrawal will now appear on the screen
5. If you click the "Send" button, the withdrawal will be automatically cancelled and the amount credited to your account.
6. Once you cancelled the operation, the withdrawal will still appear in your account history as "Cancelled by player"

? What to do if after making a deposit my account is not credited
If you have successfully made a deposit using one of the payment method available on the site, but nothing is credited to your account, contact our permanent Customer Service.
I just received an email to confirm a successful transaction. What do I do with it?
Following each transaction on your account, we will send you an automatic email from us. We advise to keep these emails so you can keep a record for all your activity on Casino Solera.
My transaction is rejected. What to do?
If you experience any issue when making a transaction, contact our Customer Service.
I tried to make a transaction using my Visa / MasterCard and I got asked for the CVV2/CVC2 code of the card. What is this?
The CVV2 or CVC2 code is composed of 3 digits. You can usually find it at the back of your card. It is used to prevent operations made with your card number without your consent.
More informations about 3D Secure:
3D Secure is an additional security layer proposed by some type of cards to improve the safety for online payments. When your transaction is being processed, you will be asked authentification through a password, date of birth or additional banking informations. The code depends on the type of card. Currently, CDP and CNG, the 2 payment portals we are using are both supporting 3D Secure.
General information about payments.
AGE – All payment methods are reserved to players with 18 years old or more.
COMMISSION - Casino Solera does not keep a fee on any deposit or withdrawal you make on your account.
CURRENCIES – All the payment methods support Euros and US Dollars.
Isn’t there any danger to give away my bank details to the payment solutions available on the site?
Casino Solera uses high technology and security standards to ensure your privacy is protected. We ensure our partners operate with the same work ethic we have. None of the payment solution we work with will use or give away any of your confidential information to anyone.
Can I safely use my credit card online?
Casino Solera has a big focus on safety and picked the most sophisticated technology to guarantee the highest security for its members. The details stored on your account are protected by Verisign. All your transactions are RSA encrypted so you can be troobl-free when using Casino Solera. We impose strict measures in terms of security (anti-fraud systems, checking the validity for all transactions, etc.).
Payment methods
Visa / MasterCard
How to use my credit card to make a deposit?
To withdraw money from your player account to your credit card, follow the instructions below:
1. Connec on your profile
2. Click on "Bank"
3. Go to "Purchase credits"
5. Fill in the following fields:
Type of card
Card number
Expiry date
CVV2/CVC2 code (3 digits)
6. Click on "Validate"
7. If your transaction is accepted, your account will be credited accorindly in REAL TIME.

If you want to avoid the currency exchange fee, we suggest you use your regular currency on our site. The exchange rate is managed by your bank.
The transaction appears as Ticket Surf on your banking history.
How much does it cost to use my debit or credit card?
Casino Solera does not charge you for any transaction, but in some cases, your bank can take up a fee for your operations (check this with your bank).
How to credit my account with Neteller ?
Neteller is an electronic wallet that allows you to open a free account and then transfer funds with a credit card, a bank transfer, or a prepaid card. Once you have opened and loaded up your Neteller account, you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals from your Casino Solera account. Neteller offers simple, fast and highly secure transfers.