Terms and conditions

1. As soon as you click the Send button on our registration page, if you are 18 or above, you accept the present terms and conditions. Please read carefully all the information given in this page. Make sure you understand everything. If you don’t, we advise to consult a lawyer to get further details. In all cases, we recommend you to keep a copy of this declaration.

2. Some aspects of our service can change over time. The text will be amended accordingly. On top of this page, you will find the latest date of the document. Any modification is effective immediately. We consider you have accepted these evolutions without any notifications from Casino Solera.

The contract

3. The contractual relationship is between you as a player (hereinafter "you" or the "player") and the casino (Casino Solera). Casino Solera is operating under the license of Fitzgerald Industries Group N.V. Van Engelenweg 23. Willemstad. Curacao, regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao) under licence No. 1668/JAZ. All disputes will be resolved by the laws and courts of the Netherlands Antilles. - Email: compliance@curacao-egaming.com.
This Agreement intends to regulate the relationship between you and Casino Solera, as soon as you have logged on its website and you place a bet.

4. Casino Solera or any of its members will not impose any other obligations than what is mentioned on the present terms and conditions.


5. To register on Casino Solera, you must be 18 years old or above. We reserve the right to check the accuracy of the information you provide us with. We can demand a proof of your age and identity at any time. In addition, we are allowed to suspend your registration if we have any reason to believe you are underaged.

6. It is important that your username and password remain confidential. If you pass on this information to anyone, you must immediately contact our customer service. You are responsible for all use of your profile, as well as any transaction made from your account.

7. Each member is entitled to create a single account. You can only open one account per household. Casino Solera reserves the right to check the compliance with this condition and to close any account which does not comply with this rule. The account balance of any additional accounts, except for bonuses and fraudulent winnings, will be transferred to a single account. When you register, the identity of the credit card’s holder must be the same as the one used to create the account.

8. The account holder is the only person allowed to use the player account. To have the right to use an existing account, the person accessing the account should have the consent of its owner before being allowed to use it.

9. If you receive winnings from multiple accounts, Casino Solera can investigate for up to 30 days before taking a decision on whether to deduct a part or the entire amount of the winnings.

10. In the case of a dispute about the accounts and the registration, please refer to the section Applicable Law / Jurisdiction and Litigation below.

11. Only the account owner is entitled to receive his winnings. Casino Solera will not transfer any funds to another person.

12. You must verify that your personal information is always updated on your profile on Casino Solera


13. Casino Solera will not provide any information about your net winnings. That responsibility lies with you. To do this, you should keep track of your winnings and declare them to the competent authorities if you live in a jurisdiction where such winnings are taxable.

User declaration
As a user, you declare and ensure that:

14. You are 18 years old or above.

15. You are not a citizen or permanently living in Curaçao.

16. You are solely and entirely responsible for compliance with laws governing the jurisdiction where you live.

17. All the personal information recorded on your account is accurate and truthful.

18. You take part in bets in your own name and not for commercial use or on behalf of third parties.

19. You do not bet from multiple email addresses and do not use other methods to play multiple times. In addition, you must be aware that if you try to bet from several email addresses under different identities or if you use any other method to create multiple accounts, you will be banned.

20. You have read the legal disclaimer by Casino Solera on its website.

21. You understand in full the methods, rules and procedures for taking part in bets as they appear in the Rules and Regulations of bets.

22. You are aware that you can lose money by making a bet.

23. The funds used to play is your own money and is not fraudulent.

Casino Solera Declaration
Casino Solera declares and ensures:

24. Casino Solera is a company funded by international capitals, under the legislation of Curaçao and is allowed to propose its activities, governed by the local jurisdiction.

25. Casino Solera is only intended for players living in countries where online gambling is not forbidden by law.

26. Personal informations of all members registered on Casino Solera will remain confidential as stated in our Privacy section.

27. Casino Solera will not be held responsible for the following: (1) in case of force majeure, (2) failure of servers or some servers (3) delays, losses, errors or omissions consequences of telecommunications failure or any other data transmission system, (4) any loss due to any hostility, riots, civil disturbances or acts of terrorism disrupting Casino Solera (5) actions of the Government or any authority, for example in the case of a refusal or cancellation of license or authorization; (6) fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious strike act or any type of sector action.

28. With the most advanced encryption technology, Casino Solera makes all possible effort to ensure the security of your data, such as your password, username, and banking details. Casino Solera cannot be held responsible for any disclosure of such information due to unauthorized access and illegal or any other event that may occur following the use of such information in criminal activity found beyond our control. All the financial transactions are processed through our E-Cash subsidiary, MegaTen Ltd., # 258 Camden Road, London, NW1 9AB, United Kingdom.

29. Employees and consultants for Casino Solera, and their direct family members, are not allowed to play on Casino Solera.

Rules and regulations

30. Any bet must be in accordance with Casino Solera terms ands conditions and under its control. Rules and regulations may be modified, for example the betting rules, procedures for payment or the payment of winnings.

31. Casino Solera cannot be held responsible for any action or omission made by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with whom it signed a contract to access Internet sites. Casino Solera will not take part in any dispute between you and the ISPs. Moreover, this litigation will not affect your obligations listed on this page.

Copyright / Trademark

32. Casino Solera holds the copyright of the text but also images provided on the website. You must respect this copyright and / or trademarks on the applicable websites. In addition, you agree to adopt the necessary caution and to respect the security measures when you are using affiliated websites.

33. Any reference to any product, service, procedure, hypertext link or any other information including trade names, trademarks, trade, manufacturers, suppliers or other present on the websites does not constitute or imply a promotion, sponsorship or recommendation by Casino Solera.

34. Casino Solera owns advertising links and external pages from this website. We cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the content of any page or advertising but also any violation of any law, decree, order or applicable regulation occurring anywhere from which you can access advertisements or web pages.


35. You can put an end to this contract at any time. To do so, ask in written form to Casino Solera the will to close your account.

36. This contract can be terminated or changed at any by Casino Solera.

37. When you decide to close your account, Casino Solera refunds all credits on your bank account if applicable, and keep the amount legally due to Casino Solera.

Games Percentage
Slots, Keno 100%
Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Video Poker, Table Games, Scratch Card 20%

38. The closure of an existing account, initiated by the user or by Casino Solera, will be effective when any amount legally due by one or the other party has been refunded, under the terms of this present agreement.


39. Bonuses are subject to a minimum bet condition, called wagering requirement, which works quite simply: taking the case of our Welcome Bonus, you get 100% bonus for a 100 € deposit, you can then play with 200 €.

40. The condition for minimum bets is 35 times the deposit and bonus. In the previous case, you must bet € 7,000 (€ 200 x 35) to be able to withdraw your winnings.

41. When withdrawing your winnings before you comply with the miminum bet condition, the bonus will not be included in the withdrawal.

42. Free bonuses are subject to a mimimum bet condition of 60 times their value, as they are not associated with any transaction. In the case of a free bonus of 10 €, you will have to bet 600 € (10 € x 60) to be able to retrieve your winnings.

43. The maximum amount you can get with a free bonus (without transaction) is 150 €. In case your winnings exceed 150 €, you will be able to withdraw up to 150 € and you will then have to make a deposit equal to the outstanding value of your bonus.

44. This part is subject to a standard bet condition, equal to a standard bonus. When you get a 10 € free bonus, if you win 200 €, you can immediately withdraw 150 € if you respect the minimum bet condition for this bonus. You will have 50 € spare. To withdraw this amount, you have to make a 50 € deposit on your account and place a 100 € bet (50 € + 50 €) 30 times, 3.000 € in this example.

Law / Applicable Jurisdiction and Litigations

45. This Agreement, its interpretation, implementation, and the relations that bind the parties are governed by the laws of Curaçao.

46. Check your account balance before placing any bet. Each new challenge implies your acceptation of all previous transactions. Therefore, you can have no claim against Casino Solera about your bets and winnings. Claims and litigations must be settled before you start betting within 3 days after the date of the query.

47. Casino Solera reserves the right to record all phone conversations you may have with our staff for quality purposes and follow up in solving queries.

48. In case of litigation, the two parties agree that the tape recording and its backup are the final proof in the litigation. All bets will be adjusted accordingly.

49. Any litigation or claim arising directly or indirectly from this contract will be submitted to the competent court of Curaçao, which has exclusive jurisdiction.

When you confirm your registration on Casino Solera, you accept all the terms of the above document.