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In this section we will deal with a rather new casino game. It emerged in the 70’s with the rise of computers and electronic devices. Video Poker is looking more like a Slot machine than a traditional poker table in fact. Indeed, rules are quite similar to Draw or closed poker, but the table itself is shaped just as a slot. It is instant blast. Since the 90s, it is the most enjoyed game for both online and offline casinos.

To win money playing Video Poker, you need to get a “paid” hand, just as standard poker (pair, two pair, trips, suite, color, full, square, straight flush and royal flush). For that, cards are given in two separate times, and you must decide in between which card to keep and which to change.

There are many different versions of video poker. The most traditional one is called Jack or Better. To win, you need to form a pair of jacks, or better, just as it says on the tin. There is also the Joker Poker, a specific version with a joker included, that can be used as any existing card to form any combination you want. In return, the winning hand is the lowest pair of kings.

Finally, Deuces Wild, in which 2 players take the role of Joker. However, you are getting paid only with a «three-of-a-kind » or better. All others versions of Video Poker come directly from these 3 classics. Enjoy.